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I love the news in this country, where tagging (graffiti) is considered a national crisis. Yes, yes, of COURSE I might feel differently had I ever had ‘scank’ scrawled across my living room window in a neon pink barely legible hand and spent days trying to scrub it off with an abrasive cleaner.

But you know New Zealand is a wonderful place to live when front-page news is: ‘Woman mauled by pet cat’, or – my personal favourite – ‘Man kicks hedgehog’.

Most days, the first thing I do is throw an eyeball at Stuff. Boy, was I glad I took that extra ten minutes this morning. What a treat! Had I been successful in tuning in The Rock, it would have been the perfect start to the weekend.

First up, Auckland’s annual Boobs on Bikes parade. Can I just state upfront that I have every respect for any woman taking her top off at this time of year. I’m sure Queen Street was a tit bit nipply yesterday.

The organizer of the event, arc-welder Steve Crow – oh, sorry, no, my mistake; that would be PORNOGRAPHER Steve Crow – pledged to distribute 12,500 vouchers for a full-length hard-core porn film worth $20.

“There is a lot of evidence,” said Steve, “that ready access to porn actually reduces the incidence of rape and other sexual offences in society so I thought why not get behind this evidence and help do something to try and reduce the shocking levels of sexual and violent crime in our country.”

Go Steve the porn humanitarian! I can’t wait to hear how he proposes to combat tagging.

Next, Man drove off in ambulance as friend treated. The 22 year old Dunedin man – he’s gotta be a scarfie – called paramedics when his buddy fell four metres over a concrete wall and fractured his skull and vertebrae. After they arrived, he drove off in the ambulance, no doubt giggling insanely. He can’t have been going very fast, because the flashing lights didn’t come on and one of the paramedics caught up with him 50 metres down the road.

Senior Sergeant Steve Aitken, demonstrating a commendable gift for understatement, said, “Alcohol could be a significant factor.”

His ex-friend was taken to Dunedin Hospital.

And finally, The Vatican rejects the resignations of two Irish auxiliary bishops following their reported involvement in the Roman Catholic Church’s cover-up of child abuse.

I don’t understand The Vatican, these servants of . . . God, is it? The Vat’s ongoing response to the child abuse scandal continues to confound, although if the Roman Catholic Church condoned it in the first place – which it undoubtedly did by suppressing and denying reports of abuse in the first instance – then denying it is a minor offence in comparison. But surely denying a crime on this scale is like attempting to conceal a corpse with a hanky covered in holes?

If The Vat refuses to account for its involvement and cover-up of sex abuse scandals for moral, ethical and – what’s that word again? – oh yes, CHRISTIAN reasons, it should probably do so for the PR.

Comments on: "Tagging: a national crisis" (7)

  1. Earlier this year, in his letter to the Irish Church, the Pope characterized sexual abuse as ” canonically irregular situations”. I’m thinking if I accidentally light the purple candle instead of the white one, that would be a canonically irregular situation. Child sexual abuse, on the other hand, is just reprehensible. For me, the Catholic Church has absolutely no credibility anymore.

  2. deadlyjelly said:

    Quite apart from the obtuse summary, with the extent of abuse in Ireland you have to wonder what is the boundary between irregular and regular. Child sexual abuse is evil. The Vatican’s response to ‘canonically irregular situations’ is no better.


  3. JohnP said:

    Welcome back, thought you must have been taking leave…

  4. deadlyjelly said:

    No, just plotting and scheming 😀


  5. Cian said:

    In the Pope’s Pastoral Letter to the Irish people earlier this year he proposed “a path of healing, renewal and reparation”. I think that some people here believe that by not accepting the resignations of the two auxiliary bishops he is not leading by example on the “part of healing and renewal”.

  6. deadlyjelly said:

    A path of healing, renewal and reparation? That sounds lovely. I hope there are flowers and a view.

    I don’t understand The Vatican’s refusal to accept these resignations. Whatever about absolving itself of any mention of wrongoing, The Vat almost seems to be looking for ways to insult?


  7. Cian said:

    Indeed – they insulted me once too often. I signed my “Declaration of Defection” a couple of years ago. My views on God, Religion etc. are personal to me and I felt that the Catholic Church was not an organization I wanted to be part of.

    You know I don’t want to work for unethical companies and to be honest I don’t want to be part of an organization which has treated its members the way the Catholic Church has. If I wanted to, there are far more appealing Churches out there for me to research such as Protestant, Methodist, Lutheran etc. I know not all are perfect, but it is important to treat your members with respect.

    Of course I won’t start on their treatment of homosexuals, their policy on condom usage which for me was the final straw.

    So tagging maybe a National Issue in NZ. Yet again it is the Catholic Church here in Ireland. I really wish tagging could be our National Issue instead.

    Now that I think about it there is one thing for which I say Thanks to the Vatican – and that was Vatican II. One of my favourite TV series ever was “Brides of Christ” I would not have seen that otherwise.

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