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Due to where we live, we have found international espionage too impractical a hobby. In search of alternative excitements, we borrowed The Sheriff and Bunqueen’s kayaks the other day to pootle around the bay.

It was one of those glorious winters’ days, sharp and clear, sunlight glinting on the water. From the comfort of our living room, dressed in three layers of dry clothes,  it seemed like a mint idea.

Not so much standing on the shore being frisked by a brisk breeze.

While we paddled, Jed either stood uncertainly on the shore loudly complaining, or balanced precariously between my legs awaiting an opportunity to jump ship. He tipped Andrew in, although I don’t think Andrew actually touched the water; I’ve never seen another human being move that fast. After his performance, I’m pretty sure walking on water would be possible if you just maintained a certain speed.


Comments on: "How to walk on water in one easy step" (1)

  1. ragnhild said:

    I didn’t know it ever got that cold on the Sea of Galilee. When I was there (wintertime) it wa very misty in the early morning and I thought I’d got the explanation.


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