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Carpe diem baby

The Artiste: You don’t find it distracting listening to music while you write?

Me: Yeah well, when I’m in The Groove it’s just background noise. But if I get stuck on a sentence, or a plot point or an asterisk, I tune in. It’s less disruptive than going for a cup of coffee or, you know . . . a swim or something.

The Artiste: Yeah, yeah! What sort of stuff do you listen to?

Me: Heavy metal, mainly: Metallica, Poison- I recently discovered Rammstein- WAAH! WOAH-

The Artiste: Do you find what you listen to influences your writing?

Me: Oh yes, definitely.

The Artiste: Interesting. What sort of books do you write?

Me: Er.

Me: Romance. Mainly.


Comments on: "Carpe diem baby" (2)

  1. Is “The Artiste” some kind of magazine or programme? Is this part of your publicity drive? Where can we read the full interview?


  2. deadlyjelly said:

    I’m afraid The Artiste is not part of any publicity drive; he’s a friend of The Outlaws’. I know it reads a bit like an interview – or an extremely one-sided conversation if you prefer – but in fact, I DID ask after The Artiste’s painting methodology while snacking on some smoked fish.

    The Artiste also listens to music while he works; his taste is eclectic although he likes hard rock. The type of music he listens to reflects in his art, but since his art is dark and tortured, that part of the conversation was lacking in irony and therefore of limited application. Shame.


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