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In response to an urgent request from MarkJ for a photo of Jed:-

Jed pretending to watch the sun rise (he's actually asleep with his eyes open, a classic move that he has pretty much perfected)


Don’t say I’m not good to you.


Comments on: "URGENT REQUEST" (4)

  1. He looks dog tired – have you been keeping him up late !

  2. deadlyjelly said:

    Can’t see how – he feckin’ sleeps most of the day! Spread out on his beanbag – it’s a dog’s life (since we’re going with the dog analogies). I think he looks kind of . . . regal. Or bored, one or the other.


  3. Cian said:

    I think he looks rather grandfatherly with a touch of a war veteran about him, or perhaps a little like a school head teacher inspecting school uniforms. No matter how he may look, he still looks gorgeous and I want to play with him.

  4. Agreed – he looks like an old man.

    Walk your dog girlfriend! 🙂 x

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