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To those of you who regularly read Deadlyjelly, or know me – even just a little bit – it will come as no surprise that there is a part III to The Crumpet Saga.

Because I refuse to accept defeat. Not only that, but I don’t recognise defeat; and furthermore I won’t acknowledge it OR give it a lift if if I see it hitchhiking in the rain.

Naturally I was going to give the crumpet recipe another go.

On my first attempt, when I threw out the remainder of the batter, I’d noticed flour clotted in the corners of the bread maker. That explained it! – the reason the batter was slightly runny resulting in crumpety tragedy.

So two days ago, I tried again.

This time, I was rigorous about button pressing and incorporating recalcitrant flour with a spatula and letting the batter sit for precisely 20 minutes.

Now, Jed is not a greedy dog, and generally avoids the kitchen due to the dangers of getting his tail trodden on or catching a pot of boiling noodles with his head. Unless, of course, he smells cheese; in which case he sits on my heels with infinite patience until it falls into his gaping maw.

Before I even poured the first crumpet into the frying pan, Jed was camped out on the kitchen floor with knife and fork.

I could probably use my dog as a barometer for culinary success. Evidently there is no substitute for canine intuition. This batch of crumpets was almost worse than the first. I experiemented with intensity of heat and length of cooking time, but the result was catastrophic crumpet carnage. Jed ate two batches, before I threw out the rest of the batter.

At least the dog enjoyed them . . .

. . . he barfed them up later.


Comments on: "Part III: The crumpet saga" (4)

  1. Cian said:

    May I suggest that there is not a Part IV until let’s say December? I should be safely out of the Country then.

  2. deadlyjelly said:

    Fear not. Although I spit in the face of defeat, I’m not stupid enough to dance with it. The Crumpet Saga is ended.


  3. Speaking as one who is on rather better terms with defeat, I suggest reloading from save.

    In this case, that would probably mean finding a completely different recipe. Or asking your friendly neighbourhood baker.

  4. deadlyjelly said:

    It’s evidently a DEFECTIVE recipe. I’ve been looking up alternatives on the internet, but I have to admit, my confidence is shaken.


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