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It’s official: spring is here! As evidence: a daffodil.

Daffodil singular, unfortunately. I’m hopeful of more, since Jed trampled all over it shortly after I took this photo.

To celebrate the advent of SPRING! we had croissants for breakfast. What do you mean, where did we get them? It’s not as if we can pop down the road to our local patisserie; and none of our neighbours are retired French chefs, the bunch of inconsiderate bastards.

Only kidding! We’re very fond of our neighbours. Hi Jeep! Hi Meep! Hi Sherrif and The Bunqueen!

I made the croissants.

We sat out on the deck in our dressing gowns, basking in the SPRING! sunshine and guzzling oven-warm croissants slathered in butter and jam. They were delicious. At least one member of our family thought so.

Jed guards the last croissant.


Comments on: "SPRING!" (12)

  1. Cian said:

    “You made the croissants” My mouth is watering at the sight of the lone croissant. Jed has to be the luckiest dog alive! So jealous.

  2. deadlyjelly said:

    Terrific – thanks for the hint of what to feed you for breakfast. Jed wasn’t so lucky with scoring croissants; he didn’t get many 😀


  3. Anonymous said:

    You… made croissants?

    I’m awed. Really.

    Lately, S has taken to buying frozen croissants and leaving them in the oven overnight to rise. They’re – not bad, I’ve had a lot worse – but not like fresh made. By hand. With your own voracious brand of love.

    That’s one lucky dog. Did he leave any for you?

  4. That Anonymous up there? That’s me.

    I know you were worried.

  5. deadlyjelly said:

    Well, I’m glad I still have the ability to awe – and occasionally shock, I hope. Not that I’m fishing.

    I’m appalled at your not handcrafting croissants for your pregnant wife. For shame! But I’ll forgive you for the expression ‘voracious brand of love’, which is a genius turn of phrase.


  6. Cian said:

    Did I tell you that I am staying for a week?

  7. JohnP said:

    And here is cynical me thinking that lone croissant admirer was Jed. Love from the Cotswolds.

  8. mumsie said:

    Wow to your croissants!!! With that sort of skill it beats me why you worried so much over crumpets.


  9. deadlyjelly said:

    Cian – fantastic. I am also renowned for my pancake stacks.

    JohnP – no, no. It looks like Cian is convinced on the strength of the photo alone, but that may have to do with Jed in the background. Andrew is also a croissant admirer, but Jed is more vocal about it.

    Mumsie – it’s just that I hate to be beaten by a crumpet, you know? And delicious as the croissants were, they didn’t quite obscure the bitter taste of failure . . . 😀


  10. mumsie said:

    Don’t I know? Like you I was born with a kind of stubborness that hates to admit failure. Comes in useful sometimes. I totally credit achievements such as giving up smoking without the help of hypnotists, gum, patches or even great weight gain to this character trait.

  11. How come when you text me, you immediately append “you better reply now bitch” to your message. Yet when I text you, you don’t immediately assume the same rules apply?

    Life is SO unfair x

  12. deadlyjelly said:

    MarkJ – in response to your question, mainly because I am an impatient, demanding, illogical bitch. But also because I’ve lost my phone 😦 Andrew is tasked with finding it, but he says he has better things to do like bleeding his motorbike and sleeping. Sorry.


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