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Me: I’m thinking of making scones for breakfast. Do you think, would whipped cream be too indulgent?

Husband: No, sounds PERFECT. Hot scones, jam and cream, mmm.

Me: Yay! Ok, well I’ll set on with the scones and you can whip the cream-

Husband: Oh sorry, did you say CREAM? That’s a bit indulgent, isn’t it? 

Husband: What’s wrong with butter?

Husband: It’s a classic.


Comments on: "Too lazy for indulgent" (1)

  1. Cian said:

    A common question in this household is “What vegtables and salad do you want with Dinner”. I rarely opt for the salad (knowing that I would have to wash it – hey I’m lazy sometimes) and of course I go for easy to prepare veg!

    What husband really needed was clotted cream, or good quality double cream, which requires no whipping ’cause it is so thick!

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