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If there’s one thing Blenheim doesn’t have, it’s cheap, quality tennis balls. Also a Pak N Save, a water park and an indoor skating rink, but that’s a post for another day.

When we lived in Auckland, I used to buy 3-packs of tennis balls for Jed at the $2 shop in Glen Eden, next to Pet Shop Boyz. Generally speaking, the balls operated and, most importantly, proved resilient to Jed’s digestive system.

In Blenheim, we have tried tennis balls from New World, the $2 shop and three different brands from The Warehouse. Unfortunately, all seem to be engineered with bounce in mind rather than withstanding an applied chomping. After about five seconds of Jed’s er, HANDLING, the balls are in several component pieces tenuously hinged together by scrolls of fluff and slobber.

Once in this condition, the balls are of limited use. Well, they won’t roll or bounce, and are often attacked and carried off by eagles.

However, the other day, we found an application for these sadly mangled tennis balls. Because – depending on the state of the ball – if there is but one or two holes, IT SINKS.

Always keen to challenge and test the limits of our dog – i.e. amuse ourselves – we chucked it in a pond to see if Jed would retrieve it.

And we were SO IMPRESSED with our dog’s freediving. He’s slightly too buoyant around the arse to handle depths greater than three feet; when his body is submerged, his hind legs float over his head and he twirls around like an asynchronised swimmer.

On his recent visit MarkJ did what I’ve been threatening to do for WEEKS and took some wonderful pics:-

The release.


Dive, dive, dive!


Catching the tail end of the action.


Full immersion.


We were pleased he came up for air every now and then.


Husband bravely rescues a foundering ball. He didn't take to the water with the same level of enthusiasm as his dog. Andrew looks like he has a six-pack here; either he's seriously clenching, or MarkJ is VERY talented photographer. Take your pick.


Comments on: "Engineered with bounce in mind" (4)

  1. My photographs would be nothing without Hunka and Hound.
    The shadows and light bereft and unbound.
    Although pressure over; there’s a welcome reprieve
    I’d give my left testie for a great shot of Niamh.


    Note: Niamh is pronounced Kne-eve….

  2. I just noticed how few shots you were in –
    Coincidence? I think not!

  3. deadlyjelly said:

    Hahaha! I didn’t know photographic evidence of me was worth that much! Unless you’re talking about a smut shot, in which case you should offer up the pair of them. I really am that hot naked.


  4. Missing you guys already.
    The sight of tennis balls brings a tear to the eye.
    Will call in the weekend for a chat if you can drag yourself away from that amazing stuff you deal with on a day to day basis.


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