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I am a sphinx

This weekend, Husband’s parents arrived for a surprise visit.

Well. I knew they were coming but Andrew didn’t. Generally, intrigue works MUCH better for us the other way around.

On any number of occasions the cat had at least a paw and three whiskers out of the bag. One time I barely stopped myself blurting out, ‘Which bed should we put your parents in?’ And I can’t tell you how often I came THIS CLOSE to standing in the middle of the living room shouting, ‘YOUR PARENTS ARE COMING! YOUR PARENTS ARE COMING!’

The Quack Team were also coming across from Nelson to celebrate Andrew’s 40th birthday. Well, I can keep one secret at any given time, but not two; in any case, I felt telling Andrew about The Quack Team’s visit might facilitate my coordinating of his ulterior schedule.

Turns out the man just flatly refuses to take direction. Friday morning Andrew resolved to go into Blenheim to purchase ‘connectors’. I hastily postponed The Outlaws’ arrival during a clandestine communiqué with Her Goatiness, whispering hoarsely into the telephone with the shower running. Then, after we returned – around the time The Outlaws were due – I practically had to lash Husband to the deck to stop him going fishing.

When his parents rolled down the drive, Andrew claimed he’d  known something was up; said I’d been unusually twitchy. But I WAS A SPHINX. I might have believed him if he’d said he thought I was coming down with malaria.


Comments on: "I am a sphinx" (6)

  1. Dale Jefferies said:

    Happy belated 40th Birthday Andrew. How are you feeling? Any different?
    NO – it is just another day in our busy lives isn’t it?

    Anyway I hope you had a most enjoyable time with family and friends.

    Did Niamh made you a beautiful big birthday cake? (I would have if you lived closer.

    Love to you both. (Mark’s Mum.)

  2. Cian said:

    Firstly Happy Birthday to Andrew!

    If I organized or was party to any form of a surprise party or otherwise for my Andrew it would be a disaster. He would just walk out and leave the rest of us get on with it. Surprises are a big No No.

    Secretly I like to think that he knew exactly what was going on and he decided to have fun by needing connectors or wanting to go fishing. You know the bathroom is bugged right? He is also probably subscribed to “Call to Text” whereby all your calls are automatically converted to text and sent to him. Hope I am not in trouble for actually letting the cat out of the bag.

    But I am a bit disappointed that he did not continue and say something like “Look Niamhie, It’s my birthday and I want to go fishing. If you ever loved me, you would bring me fishing now. It’s the only thing I’m going to ask you to do for my birthday. Please can we just go fishing for a few hours right now”.

  3. We are hearing reports of a huge earthquake. How are things where you are?

  4. mumsie said:

    I worry in the same way as ‘Forest Green” and hope you have not been severely affected by this last disaster to hit your beautiful country in quite a short time.

  5. We are seeing scenes of total devastation in Christchurch. We are praying for you, and hope that you and yours are safe and sound.

  6. deadlyjelly said:

    Hi there and thank you for checking in. We’re fine; the quake had no effect here in Blenheim. We have a number of friends in Christchurch and all are safe. Two who normally work in the city centre randomly weren’t that day. We are horrified by the news coming out of Christchurch. So many lives have been shattered.


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