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Me: So, is your wind turbine generating electricity?

Husband: Technically, no.

Me: Ok, so then . . . what’s the point?

Husband: Well, it’s hooked up to an element which gets hot.

Me: So if we have a cold snap, we can warm our hands on the element? 

Me: Hee hee hee! 

Husband: No, the element prevents it from running off.

Me: The . . . the wind turbine?

Husband: Yes.

Me: But . . . isn’t it . . . bolted to the ground?

Husband: No, RUN-OFF; it’s a technical term-


Me: You’re funny.


Husband: Oh.

Husband: My.

Husband: GOD.


Comments on: "Science cracks me up" (4)

  1. Cian said:

    Classic – I had the same thought as you when I heard it was to prevent it running off. Well it did kind of fall over once didn’t it?

  2. deadlyjelly said:

    Well, the wings flew off in a breeze the other day. Husband gets very pinched when I mock his turbine 😀


  3. I’m still jealous of your turbine.

    So where is this hot element? Is it fixed, or can you move it about? Surely if it’s constantly being juiced, it must be useful for something.

    I wish I were better at doubling my entendres. It’s not as easy as it looks.

  4. deadlyjelly said:

    Jealous of . . . our turbine? I could understand if you said you were jealous of our dog, or my lovely shiny hair. But ok. If you like, you can put your jealousy on hold until Husband repairs the turbine. There’s a lot of lascivious swearing going on up in the garage.

    If you aim higher – e.g. TRIPLE your entendres – you might find it easier to hit the double. Works for me.


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