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Husband: What’s wrong?”

Me: You made your pregnant wife cry.

Husband: What? I- but- I didn’t even notice!

Me: Thirteen years together and you STILL can’t tell when I’m crying? It’s not that hard, you know. It’s quite distinctive: tears, snot, sniffles, bit of wailing.

Husband: But- when?

Me: Five minutes ago! I was on the sofa, you were- saying stuff.

Husband: What did I say?

Me: It doesn’t matter! I’m PREGNANT! I have HORMONES! I cry at the tremble of a leaf! What you said- that’s not the point! The POINT is that I was CRYING-

Husband: Aw, sweetie!

Me: And you didn’t come over and give me a cuddle. Personally, I think that’s pretty shabby behaviour-

Husband: Well, I suppose-

Me: And I really think you need to smarten up your act.

Husband: Fair enough. I’ll start on it right away.


Comments on: "Making pregnant women cry since 2011" (5)

  1. Well that’s one post where Husband can garner all the sympathy.

    I was thinking of saying something along the lines of “Grow Up”, but I’d be afraid that you would read the comment without Husband being in earshot. Then you’d get upset, cry and of course he would be in trouble again. So best not to say that really.

    So here goes, in all fairness after 13 years you would think that he would know better. I hope he pulls up his socks and gives you all the hugs in the world you deserve. You know I would if I was closer.

  2. deadlyjelly said:

    He’s very understanding. But then I only cry at serious offences. Things like Husband opening the door, closing the door, looking at me etc.

    Assuming the ‘Grow Up’ is directed at the contents of my uterus, I don’t take offence at all.


  3. Congratulations on little bump. Best wishes. -S

  4. deadlyjelly said:

    Thank you! We’re still a bit awed and gobsmacked about it all. Can’t believe how fast the little bump is growing 😀


  5. […] reversed), in all fairness: I have no idea what he was thinking, letting me get away with it. I was foetus-afflicted and hormone-riddled and in a penultimate stage of epic broodiness; clearly in no fit state to be dictating such momentous […]

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