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The excuses

SORRY SORRY SORRY! We are currently in Oamaru on an undercover reconnaissance trip – guess this officially blows our cover – gathering intel on properties for sale. We’ve just spent the last two days doing the rounds of open homes, or stalking real estate agents depending how you look at it (and whether you’re the terrorised agent).

Unfortunately I’m too exhausted from walking around houses and practicing psychological intimidation to write a blog post. I’ll update later in the week if I can either a) wake up and/or b) stop eating long enough.


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  1. “Pregnancy: where it takes so much effort to eat breakfast, you have to go back to bed for a nap” – I often have to do this, and I haven’t been pregnant for years!

  2. Well I do feel for you dealing with Estate Agents. To me they are near the bottom of the pile. Of course not at the bottom as that is reserved for Recruitment Agents.

    Indeed I had a quick scan of properties in the area and there are some nice ones, but of course they come at a price. You know my taste in property so I’m sure you shall pick well. So looking forward to hearing about your search. You know I have high expectations for the post to come.

    Take care and enjoy the trip!

  3. Oamaru? I follow you still, via google reader. You brighten my life, lovely one but ummm Oamaru?????????????????
    There, I’ve said it.

  4. deadlyjelly said:

    Thanks for the comments and sorry about my delay responding. It’s been a crazy week in Deadly Casa Jelly.

    FG – REALLY? Well, I feel better now. However, the hourly naps are a relatively new development for me and I’m still adjusting. Mind you, I fell asleep during our weekend movie last night, which is pretty standard.

    Cian – we’ve actually been amazed at the quality of what’s available in Oamaru. On our budget we’ll never buy our dream home – if there is such a thing – but there are some amazing turn-of-the-century houses going for a steal.

    RE Agents are the spawn of satan.

    Di – ok, I’m kind of with you. Even now, when Andrew and I talk mention Oamaru, it’s with a wrinkled nose and emphasis on the last syllable like it’s something indigestible.

    In fairness, we would never have chosen Oamaru as our the ideal location in which to settle, but the more time we spend there, the more it’s grown on us. Much like a fungus, but still. We’ve been surprised at the number of people we’ve met who evidently love living in Oamaru (or are seriously overdosing on the weed).

    The main reason we’re moving there is the presence of in-laws/prospective grandparents. It breaks my heart just a little that my own parents won’t spend as much time with this grandchild. I want our darling crotchfruit to know at least some of his/her family, especially since Andrew’s parents – along with his sister and brother in law – are all warm, generous and generally awesome people.


  5. Lets be honest, I know how much you admire Mary-Louise Parker and aspire to accomplish as much in life as her character Nancy has. You also seem to be on the run, hmm! I bet you have slain the Drug Lord of the Oamaru region (or s/he died of old age) and now you are bringing your business down there.

    Given that Hubby’s windmill was not as successful as you hoped and given the price of electricity and the huge amount of it your plants require, are you only looking at properties with water, solar or wind power already up and running? or will Andrew be given another chance?

    p.s. I have saved lots of yoghurt containers – must send them to you as a house warming gift.

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