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There is indeed a blog post simmering, but it was parked for an impromptu trip to the hospital yesterday.

You’ll be glad to hear The Asset is in cracking form and appears to have a startling talent for throwing shadow figures.

Unfortunately, his mother wasn’t performing so well. Nothing major: just some inspecific pains around the midriff that felt like a cross between gas, the onset of nausea, cramps and/or a critical build-up of Hyperactive Imagination. 

An ultrasound showed The Asset is fine; my blood pressure and heartrate is normal; so far there is no explanation as to what’s going on with the belly. Most likely, the discomfort is a result of my uterus trying to perform martial arts after a lifetime hanging around doing nothing more energetic than playing tiddlywinks with my spleen.  However, it came on so fast we decided to check it out.

Wairau Hospital kept me in overnight for observation – not because I had critical organ failure and frothed at the mouth – but more because we live so far out of town.

We have been so impressed with the level of publicly-funded service and care we’ve received at various clinics and hospitals around New Zealand. With the exception of one fertility doctor who spent half an hour persuading me she had no idea how to use a speculum, it has been absolutely outstanding.

Bear with me: there will be a post tomorrow at the latest.


Comments on: "Talent for casting shadow figures" (4)

  1. Thinking of you and hoping that things will settle down.

  2. S had similar issues in mid-pregnancy. She said afterwards it was Nature’s way of making you more sympathetic when the baby has wind. And trust me, you’ll need all the sympathy you can muster.

  3. Anonymous said:

    Feel better soon x

  4. deadlyjelly said:

    Hi there y’all! Delighted to report that the home-wrecker (bump) appears to be largely (literally) back to normal this morning. It must have been something I ate; I’m guessing I should avoid grilled paua for the rest of the gestation.

    Interesting feedback from your lovely wife Vet. In a way I’d prefer to think I didn’t present myself at the hospital complaining of farts; but on the other hand it’s a rather comforting explanation.


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