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Finally got around to uploading the pics from Trotter’s Gorge last Saturday. We only got two because the camera sprang a leak.

This is me, after climbing to the top of Trotters Gorge. In many ways, the photo is deceptive. As I recall, my face was throbbing red; also, that shirt evidently covers a multitude of sins. One of them being an eight month old foetus. Which is really more a misdemeanor


Places of interest.


Comments on: "Top of Trotters Gorge" (4)

  1. mumsie said:

    You look stunning against the backdrop of Trotters Gorge. Clearly pregnancy and a stiff uphill walk suits suits you!!


  2. Is it wrong to say you look a little slutty in the first photo? If only you could ban me from posting 🙂 No Seriously, you do look wonderful in the photos, and the scenery in the background is not bad either.

  3. deadlyjelly said:

    Mumsie – I smelled pretty stunning too 😀

    Cian – how, I mean to say HOW, can an eight month pregnant woman look slutty? It’s like the dude who tried to chat me up outside The Plunkett Rooms in Oamaru and I’m just thinking, “DUDE, WHERE do you even SEE THIS GOING? Guh.”


  4. Honey – It is rather difficult to tell that you are pregnant in the first photo. (I know that you are, but still).

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