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Finn turned 10 weeks old last Thursday. If you sit and watch him, you can practically SEE him growing.

Finn learns his three times tables

We went for a walk on Saturday with Andrew carrying the papoose. Finn’s now large enough that we turned him to face forward. He was avid; every time I looked around, all I could see were his big, big eyes peering out over the edge of the papoose. 

As you can see, Finn’s metamorphosis into Andrew’s Mini-Me is nearly complete - although he has his Aunt Florrie’s pout and Agent of Death’s chicken legs

He learned how to roll during the week. When I put him on his tummy, he drops his right arm and rolls onto his back. Upon his first attempt, he flung himself onto the kitchen floor and clonked his head. He was unimpressed by that effort – yet undaunted. Despite repeatedly performing the trick, he never fails to shock himself with the result. I have to be careful about strapping him onto his change table.
Speaking of which, he LOVES his change table. He’ll be loudly complaining about room service and the instant I put him on it he starts flirting shamelessly with the maid. I’m not sure why he enjoys it so much, especially when most of the time it involves having his bottom squeezed. 

On Thursdays we go to a playgroup called SPACE (which Andrew refers to as SPAT). Finn is fascinated by other children and lies on the playmat gazing adoringly at them. I’m required to sing songs like ‘Tickling Rain’ and ‘Head! Shoulders Knees and Toes’, which I have unwillingly adopted as the soundtrack to my life supported by a bass of farting.
The first week we had to discuss whether parenting was easier or harder than we originally expected, and how having a child has changed our lives. “Do you enjoy talking about that sort of shit?” enquired Andrew during the debrief over dinner, “because it would drive me insane.” I frequently fear for the man’s mental health since he evidently has the most tenuous of grips on it. 

We also do activities like make picture frames and bath balls. Last week I inadvertently arrived half an hour late – happily just in time for tea and biscuits and bath balls. Since I had to feed Finn, this involved supervising the coordinator while she made my bath balls: “Excuse me, can you mix the cornflour in better? Don’t you have any blue food colouring? Smaller balls, please. Make sure they’re uniformly round, thanks.”
I was amazed to see one of the children was already sitting.
“And he’s only 11 weeks old!” I marvelled to Her Goatiness.
“Are you sure?” said my mother-in-law doubtfully. “Sounds very advanced for an 11 week old.” 

Poor old bird, I thought; totally out of touch with children.
Turns out the kid wasn’t 11 weeks after all; he was- “7 months?!” said Andrew. “Did you not notice he was a bit bigger than Finn?”
In other news, our Class of November 2011 Antenatal Reunion was last Saturday week. I offered to organise it ‘because I’m very organised’.
Well, I lost the contact list and had to ask the coordinator for another. When she finally emailed back, I didn’t recognise one of the couples on the list. Assuming it was simply an attack of Post-Pregnancy Brain, I called ‘Beryl’ and had several in-depth conversations with her about the weather and motherhood – before I realised the coordinator had mistakenly included the couple from another Antenatal Class. 

In any case, Beryl didn’t show up for the Class of November 2011 Antenatal Reunion. Unfortunately, neither did anyone else except Sinead, Chris and their son. Since I’d sent Husband off dirt-biking, it was possibly the crappiest reunion in the history of the world ever.

OMG he’s SO UNBELIEVABLY CUTE! Oh, you were about to say that? Sorry


Comments on: "Finn and the Gurgles of Doom" (6)

  1. The first picture makes him look very rock-‘n’-roll. Like a (much cuter) version of Bono. I can almost hear him roaring “Hello, Blenheim!”, or wherever his first gig is. The second picture looks like he’s trying to catch a fly. The third one is just blatant cuteness.

    I hope you’re taking videos as well as still pictures. If you don’t have a visual record of his flip-over trick, you’ll miss it one day. Trust me on this.

  2. Cian said:

    He’s so cute I could just eat him in one go. Well since I’m not into child canabalism I think it would be safe to say that I probably wouldn’t. I still think that you might be able to sell him, and by sell him I don’t mean on ebay, but into the world of modelling. He’s got to earn his keep somehow doesn’t he?

    Tell Andrew that I am proud of him for not throwing you out for singing ‘Head! Shoulders Knees and Toes’, or are you only allowed to sing it when not in his presence?

    Now you’ve gotten that song in my head and it won’t friggin’ leave. I bet you’re proud of that as I’m sure it was one of your post goals.

  3. Anonymous said:

    How clever – singing and farting at the same time!!. Well done.

  4. […] starting SPACE I’ve learned some nursery rhymes, but I’ve also started composing my own songs for my son. And […]

  5. Head, shoulders, knees and toes is still a hit with my baby. A guaranteed smile-getter.

    As first-time parents, we were shopping for new clothes every week (it seemed) until he was 6mo. Then he stayed in 6-9mo clothes to about 10mo, then 10mo-1yo to 15mo.

    He’s moving into 1yo-2yo clothing now.

    Wool vests (real wool is best) are the in-thing. Hygroscopic, mostly water-proof for baby purposes, and all-covering. Real wool hand-knitted vests served from 3mo-9mo.

  6. I love Finn’s smiles.

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