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Love and stuff

Finn and his proud mother

For Mothers’ Day, I got an extra hours sleep, a bottle of Baileys, and a cheese-making kit.

What was that? Oh, a breast-feeding joke. I’m VERY disappointed in you. I dare you – in fact, I TRIPLE DARE you – to come up with a new one. I guarantee you can’t; my in-laws have covered them all. There is no lactation related joke in this universe I haven’t heard before – sometimes multiple times. Evidently I need to be more conscientious in remarking on the deficiency of dickage amongst Husband’s family.

It’s a measure of how much I’ve changed that my Mothers’ Day card made me cry rather than scathe it with derision. Also, that I was only marginally more stoked about pressies and breakfast in bed, than discovering the washing was dry after a week soggily drooping on the clothes line.

Finn’s here; he lives and breathes; he’s a laundry generating machine; you can’t move in the living room without tripping over a brightly coloured toy that rattles; and he occupies (conservatively) 95% of my thoughts and time. Yet even when I’m holding him in my arms with his tiny fingers curled around my thumb, and feel the warmth of him and kiss his baldy little head, I can still barely believe he’s real.

Despite all the years I longed for a child, the concept of ‘motherhood’ holds limited appeal. I used to be young, carefree, full of potential. I disdained Hallmark cards. When I got drunk nobody thought I was a sad old trollop.

All that has changed and I’m struggling to adopt my new identity:


Skill-set: accurate prediction of vomit trajectory and identification of several varieties of poo.

However, one thing is beyond question.

I LOVE being Finn’s mother.


Comments on: "Love and stuff" (5)

  1. Happy Mother’s day. You look very happy.

  2. mumsie said:

    The changes show in the photos; your happiness shines through most beautifully!

  3. What a beautiful mother and child! Happy Mother’s Day to you, Niamh!

  4. Do you honestly no longer have disdain for Hallmark cards? If that’s the case I’m out of here…

  5. John Grundstad said:

    Wittiest commentary on pregnancy and early motherhood ever! Glad to read that you are so happy and fulfilled. Finn is quite the handsome lad. I imagine that his mother-in-law dotes on him. We talked about you all a bit last night over dinner and drinks with John and Susan Angell, who have just arrived here for a visit. Still regret not making it to South Island in 2010, but who knows what could happen in the future? NZ is still a priority destination for us, if not necessarily the most affordable! Damn the weak U.S. dollar!

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