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Irish update


Finn still hasn’t adjusted to the Irish time zone and has reverted to waking twice a night.

I made a severe tactical error the second day of our trip, when he fell asleep on top of me and I thought I might as well grab a nap too. Five hours later, we woke at 9pm 😦

Ever since, Finn has burst into life every morning at 05:30hrs full of the fucking joys of fucking spring, mad for chats and administering savage head-butts. I put him into the bed beside me and can generally doze while he punches me in the face and chortles.

My parents love having the little guy here. I bring him down to their bedroom every morning for cuddles while I take a shower, and his proud granddad takes him on his morning walk to get the paper. Mum adores him, but can only take short bursts of Finn karate-kicking her in the stomach.

Finn and his granny

Finn out walking with Grandad


I swear he’s grown again and I’m pretty sure he has teeth coming through although he doesn’t complain.

He’s met a lot of people over the last few days and has generally coped well with the intense socialising, but he’s been quite clingy. While I love the power snuggles with my independent little man, I still fret about him. I think he’s simply had a lot to adjust to.

He’s discovered his feet and loves playing with his toes, which makes putting on his nappy a challenge. He finally managed to roll onto his front the other day; at least, I put him on his mat on his back and came back to find him lying face-down in the fire grate with his oblivious grandfather reading the paper beside him.

Mmm toes

The first night home I decided to give Finn a wash. He was cranky by the time I laid him on a towel on the floor of the bathroom; unfortunately, when I turned on the shower, water sprayed out the top of the shower head all over the bathroom. I suppose it probably didn’t help that his mother let out a yelp like a whelping elk; Finn’s eyes popped, he took a giant breath and ROARED. All I could do was giggle uncontrollably at the poor child – he was pretty good-natured about it. 

Shower time


Comments on: "Irish update" (1)

  1. Cian said:

    “He finally managed to roll onto his front the other day”

    You should have seen what else he can do when you back is turned. Think of the Kit Kat ad with the giant pandas back in the late 80s/early 90s.

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