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Vicious kisses

Finn has changed so much in the three weeks since we arrived. He has more hair – I think it’s the result of the moist Irish air. He now rolls onto his stomach, sometimes with such momentum he tumbles right over onto his back again.

We’ve been playing games such as The Huntsman goes gallop-agallop-agallop and DOWN into the ditch! and One, Two, Three <throw him into the air>. He anticipates the payoff and starts chortling as it approaches.

Sometimes he opens his mouth wide and basically gums you in the face, which I believe is his (extremely slobbery yet somehow equally charming) version of kissing.

Two weeks ago he discovered his feet and has been trying to pull his toes off – thankfully unsuccessfully so far. Yesterday he discovered his willy and, um, as above.

His hand-eye coordination has improved immeasurably, although not his instinct for self-preservation: he will persist in attempting to grab my loaded mug of coffee off the table.


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