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Extreme push-up

Baby haka

With the hours devoted to feeding, changing, bathing and trying to avoid getting my baby stuck down the side of the sofa (amongst other pressing health and safety concerns), I hadn’t given much consideration to Finn’s mobility.

I’d always assumed crawling would be a spontaneous action. One day Finn would decide he’d had enough of lying around the floor waving his legs in the air and I’d turn around and – argh! where’s the baby? Is he stuck down the side of the sofa? No; where the- I was sure I left him RIGHT THERE – and after frantically scouring the house and surrounds, I’d find him scudding up the driveway like a giant centipede, only with 96 less legs.

I mean, what would I know? The vast depth and range of the number of ways in which I don’t have a clue continues to astonish me.

As it turned out, learning to crawl was an extensive process with several phases.

I suppose the first step was Finn learning to roll. At about two months old, he mastered transitioning from his back onto his front, but not the reverse. After a few weeks in prone position microscopically examining the carpet, the novelty grew stale. In any case, there was plenty to keep him occupied on his back, like pointing at the ceiling and dropping toys on his head.

When he mastered full rotation, he would tuck his legs beneath him and, with arms akimbo, press his face fervently into the floor. Either he was practicing yoga or our carpet smells fabulous (which seems unlikely given the volume of drool generated between dog and baby).

Some time later, Finn progressed to raising himself up on his arms and the tips of his toes and waving his arse in the air, a maneuver generally concluded by head-butting the floor. The marines should totally adopt this variation of power press-up if they really want to demonstrate how tough they are.

After that, Finn seemed to spend his (considerable) free time over several days on all fours rocking back and forth and occasionally executing little bunny-hops.

With all the momentum, it was something of a surprise when he did start moving – backwards. Staring intently at some object of desire (the dog, anything shiny, sharp and/or pointy), he would reverse steadily away from it looking increasingly bemused.

The only way he could move in the right direction was in the manner of some mortally wounded creature, using one arm to claw desperately across the floor, his body dragging uselessly behind him.

Now Finn’s crawl is an action of measured precision, executed with deadly speed. When he stalks the iPad carelessly left lying around the ground, one can see all the savage beauty of a cheetah springing on its prey. He disappears out an open door with the supple grace of a gazelle bounding across the savannah (note: prior to its encounter with the cheetah).

31/8/12 Watch out, dog. Grr!

9/9/12 Exploring the laundry basket

13/9/12 Escape from the zoo


Comments on: "Extreme push-up" (4)

  1. mumsie said:

    Thank goodness you’re blogging again. Your postings and photos light up dull winter days. While you weren’t feeding us illustrated progress reports Finn seems to have grown and developed in quantum leaps. What a gorgeous little man he is, but don’t tell him I said so, he might get conceited! Enjoy your summer which I gather is only just beginning while we are entering into the dark and gloomy English winter.

  2. deadlyjelly said:

    Hi there! So good to hear from you – I’m only pleased you’re still checking in now and then! Hope you’re still enjoying your grandson – I’m sure you are. I love watching the development of Finn’s relationships with his significant others; he so adores his grandma x

  3. mumsie said:

    Ah yes. We had a lovely visit from our antipodean young family in June. Gorgeous to make fresh friends with young Attila. We now have a regular spot of chatting with them on Sat.eve. here, Sun.morn.there. Unfortunately, healthwise we are doing less well than in the past, so at the moment any further trips down under look improbable.
    Keep on enjoying Finn, dictator though he, no doubt, is!

  4. […] contrast to her older brother, Saoirse couldn’t wait to get going. After she mastered sitting she turned her considerable […]

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