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I hope everyone is looking forward to a surpassingly excellent Christmas and brewing up an extra-strong cup of kindness for welcoming in the new year.

Wait- one moment please- I’m getting some breaking news from my online feed. Oh. It appears I’m a little belated. Seriously? Is it 2013 already? Are you SURE? Doesn’t feel like it. Never mind; at least I can throw out my extra-strong cup of kindness, which smells like composted grass.

If you didn’t get a Christmas card from us, it’s because the dog ate it. Also, my new android phone is obviously too high-tech for postal addresses, since it dumped them all when I imported my contacts.

Better get on with compiling new years resolutions. Starting with:

1. Better excuses.

So, how is everyone? Sorry it’s been ages since my last update-

2. Blog more frequently.

But in my defense-

3. Less excuses; quality not quantity. Refer to resolution (1).

-after hangin’ with John Key, it’s hard to write a sequel.

4. Meet a(nother) national treasure e.g. The Topp Twins.

(Although should we ever bump into the yodeling lesbian twins specializing in comical country music, I might never blog again because I’d know such an experience could never be surpassed. Maybe I should aim to meet Dave Dobbyn – or simply stick to three resolutions. That’s plenty.)

We have enjoyed the most amazing, exhilarating, thrilling year and I’m quite exhausted – but I can’t wait to see what treats 2013 has lined up for us.

Our little boy turned one last week and it’s difficult to recall what our lives were like before him.

I love his squidgy baby feet

I love his squidgy baby feet


29/12 Intrepid explorer

29/12 Intrepid explorer

Watching him grow is a remarkable experience. In the space of only six months, he has progressed from lying on the floor punching himself in the face to- well, mainly punching me in the face, instead- but also: rolling, crawling, standing and chortling – especially when swinging in the playground.

Finn swings

4/12 Finn swings

He never stays still and changing his nappy is a writhing, squirming, flailing conflagration of legs and hands and bottom.

Unfortunately, the way he expresses love can be somewhat violent. At the moment, our family catch-phrases include, ‘No biting, just kissing’ and ‘Use your gentleness for good not evil’. Also: ‘GAH NOT THE GLASSES!’

Finn now puts his arms around my neck and plays with my hair while snuggling – which is lovely until he concludes cuddles by sinking his teeth (all two of them) into my shoulder.

I had no idea how babies got around to speaking, but subconsciously I rather expected Finn to turn around one day and say, “While you’re at the fridge, Old Girl, would you mind passing the Roquefort?” Months ago, his adoring grandmother claimed Finn had an extensive lexicon, but it’s only been relatively recently he credibly says ‘mama’, ‘dada’, ‘dog’ and ‘uh-oh’.

He’s a sociable little fella, ready with a smile and pointy finger for everyone. A keen and talented grocery shopper, Finn flirts shamelessly with the check-out assistants.

1/10 Finn kicks back in New World

1/10 Finn kicks back in New World

He adores his father and practically leaps out of my arms to get to Andrew to confide how I beat and starve him.

However, it’s comforting that I’m still his favourite person upon whom to wipe his nose.

29/12 The family at Lake Tekapo

29/12 The family at Lake Tekapo

It is such a privilege to love him. Finn is a funny, joyful, generous little boy and caring for him is a gift. I still can’t quite believe how fortunate we are to be able to share his life.

27/10 Finn with some woman suckered onto his face

27/10 Finn with some woman suckered onto his face


Comments on: "How to apply effective pointy finger" (4)

  1. Happy new year to you too! And I think I’d rather read about Finn than John Key, any day of the week.

    The Topp Twins would be cool too. Do keep us posted if you run into them.

  2. Happy New Year to you all! Glad you survived Christmas.

    The pictures of Finn are wonderful. But what I want to know is, in the picture by Lake Tekapo, what the heck is Andrew putting/hiding in his pocket. Then again you seem to be hiding your thigh for some reason. Finn, I think, is hiding his desire to get out of that contraption. Did you let Andrew loose on a rucksack with a pair of scissors and some metal bars. I fear your deck chair might collapse some day with missing legs. But you really have excelled at training Jed to take the picture with you all smiling at the same time. I hope the next lesson shall be the self-timer on the camera so he can photo-bomb you guys.

    You say you can’t believe how fortunate you are to share his life. Well then, I’d keep him away from the Topp Twins as he’s so gorgeous they might just gobble him up in one go. But honestly he is also extremely fortunate to have you both as wonderful parents.

  3. deadlyjelly said:

    Hello gentlemen

    Wonderful to hear from you! And I’m sorry not to have responded to your last comments – I do appreciate them, honest! Hope life is treating you well. Cian, I think Andrew was under pressure trying to look cool and the whole hand/pocket configuration is his own unique interpretation. At least, that’s what I prefer to believe. I’ve found it better not to ask too many questions.


  4. Happy Birthday Finn!

    Niamh, I am glad that you have found a healthy outlet for your foot fetish.

    Andrew, was it snowing when that picture was taken?

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