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About me


Hi, I’m Niamh, Niamh Shaw, nice to meet you. You have a fabulous smile – great teeth. So, tell me all about yourself. Me? – thought you’d never ask. Well, I am made in Ireland and have never come across a potato I didn’t love. I can be unbelievably childish and am fond of swearing. There is little photographic evidence of my existence. 

My physiology is ideally suited to a diet of chocolate and coffee. For this reason, I do a lot of exercise: swimming, mountain biking, walking. I sometimes run, but only downhill. Regrettably, I am not as bendy as I should be.

Ten years ago I met my husband in Dubai (although he wasn’t my husband then). We relocated to New Zealand in January 2008. I currently live up a tree with no tv, fulfilling the dream as an organically certified hippy: hairy frocks, organic shampoo, yoghurt weaving. When I’m not composting and/or threatening my inner child with the more menacing chakras, I bake whole-wheat scones, tend the open fire and cycle 25km for a pint of milk. I also write. 

In June 2006, I gave up a lucrative career in Telecomms – well, it kept me fed and watered – to write full-time. I completed my first novel, Smart/Casual, in January 2007. It is best described as a supernatural romantic thriller murder mystery without the corpses. Chick-lit, if you prefer.

In January 2007, I attracted an agent with relatively little fawning, bribery or pleading. (Well, you know, just the socially acceptable amount.) I crossed my fingers, which rather impeded progress on my second novel. After nine months on the publisher carousel, Little Black Dress Books offered me a two-book publishing deal. Smart/Casual was published in April 2009.

About Time was published by Little Black Dress/Headline Publishing in April 2010.

After my mailing list exploded, I thought it a good idea to set up deadlyjelly. I update the blog when I’m not too busy examining my navel

Comments on: "About me" (14)

  1. John said:

    This is my first venture into the world of blog. I have of course heard of blogs, bloggers and blogging, but was never quite sure what it exactly referred to. I never quite got round to raising the subject at dinner parties, mainly because I need afew drinks to speak to strangers ( the only category of invitees who accept) and by the time I am ready to contribute either I or others are pissed and beyond anything more compliacted than discussions on the height of burj burp dubai.
    I will admit I am rather excited! Its like having a bit part in the matrix ( I just popped a jelly bean for affect, quite appropriate I thought!)
    I have to reenter the ‘real ‘ world now. Please confirm a) I have managed to save and send this message b) Other more technically savvy bloggers have no access to this and are not having a right laff at my expense c) Blogging has notthing to do with gay,lesbian or protestant social networking.

  2. deadlyjelly said:

    Well done! Although technically, your comment is more of an extended self discussion.

    a) Congratulations! You managed to save this message. You win a moonbeam (subject to availability and atmospheric conditions)

    b) The entire world can see your comment and comment on your comment, should they so choose. However, you may have noticed that not many people have commented so far, so your comment is probably safe from comment, although not savvy

    c) Blogging has everything to do with all those things. You’re a brave and liberated man

  3. HotDog said:

    I’ve been blogging and reviewing blogs for quite a number of years. I’m quite taken with your escapades and I’m also a curly coat lover. Is husband a real man or does he always take the back seat? I’m intrigued with the launch of your first novel and can’t wait for it to hit the local bookshop in Turangi.

  4. deadlyjelly said:

    Hello Hotdog! Nice ta meetcha. Delighted to have attracted a curly coat lover – I cannot understand why they aren’t more popular (although I did momentarily, when I discovered Jed had weed all over the carpet 🙂

    I think Kiwis are culturally required to be Real Men, aren’t they? Just to answer your question, Husband always sits in the driver seat, or hangs off the rear bumper

  5. with a motorcycle chain between his teeth…

    Can you email me your landline no?

    Ooo do you get a lot of requests for that?

  6. deadlyjelly said:

    Yes, amongst other things 😀

  7. slim0 said:

    I just finished reading your first novel and one word – well several – what a nice piece of work! I enjoyed every page and am looking forward for the next and next and next ones! 🙂

  8. deadlyjelly said:

    Hi Slim0, lovely to hear from you and thank you for visiting Deadlyjelly! I am always chuffed when someone enjoyed Smart/Casual – well, it’s altogether preferable to thinking it was grade A crud 😀 Not sure when the next one will be out – got to finish it first. *sigh!* I’m getting there. Look forward to seeing more of you around the deadlier regions of the electronic savannah.


  9. Kim from Tokoroa said:

    Hi Niamh, How unreal is this…………….!
    Seamus and I went to a musical 60’s, 70’s and 80’s night in Rotorua ( right up your alley!) and were introduced to this Irish chap that had just got engaged (god bless her) to a Kiwi girl our friends knew. Anyway he told us he was from Limerick and immediately Seamus said, ” Oh we just met a girl from Limerick a few week ago her name is Niamh Shaw.” Well blow mw down but this guy said , “I went to school with a Naimh Shaw.” How’s that!!!! His name was Gareth something. Seamus was pretty sure it was the same school!!! Anyway he’s moving to Wellington.

  10. deadlyjelly said:

    Hi Kim!

    Great to hear from you! That is WILD! – even if you lead an exciting, action-packed life. Which I don’t.


  11. Anonymous said:

    Hi Niamh,

    It has been a good long while since I have been in touch. I do visit your blog from time to time when I need a laugh. It is very reliable for that purpose. Keep up the good work.! Today, I want to leave a comment in the form of an online article that caught my eye: Thought you might find it interesting.

    Will be traveling to Ireland in a couple of weeks: Cliffs of Mohr, Galway, Ballina, Drumcliffe, Derry, Coleraine, Ballymoney, Ballymena, Giant’s Causeway, Belfast, then on to Wales. Wife and I are part of a 40-voice vocal ensemble. Among other venues, we will be performing at the Garryduff Presbyterian Church (near Ballymoney), where the David and Annie Maconaghie family attended services before emigrating to NZ.

    Stay well.

    John G. in Iowa

  12. Anonymous said:

    Hello Niamh, we believe a short burst of happy birthday to you is supposed to be in order for today! Hope all is well with you and Andrew – we’re just about to head over to Prague for a few weeks – 10 years since you were there at our wedding.

    all the best

  13. June holland said:

    Still waiting for your next opus

  14. Anonymous said:

    Love your blog… but think you need to update your in the past is just not healthy for you!!!:) (wrinkles are all good you know!!) looking forward to your next blog your crazy chick!

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