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My books

ABOUT TIME – April 2010

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Pre-order from Fishpond NZ


   Unlucky-in-love Lara sure knows how to pick ’em – losers, that is. But who can blame her when she’s never gotten over having her heart (and self-esteem) smashed to pieces by her one and only true love, the super-intelligent, super-geeky, and super-emotionally-inept Conn? Six years later, working alongside her ex on an energy-generating project in Dubai is the last thing Lara expected. It’s not long before sparks are flying, but can Lara trust Conn with her heart again?







Smart / Casual – April 2009

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Order from Fishpond NZ

     Olivia Anderson is not so much fishing off the company pier as swimming – and she has spotted a shark. After she starts dating her manager, Liv discovers he is sabotaging her client and framing her for it. She has only days in which to save her client’s business, ditch her no-good embezzling boyfriend slash manager, and frame him right back.

Comments on: "My books" (2)

  1. Trisha Edmonds said:

    Hi Niamh we met at Ocean Bay on New Years Eve and I have been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to find your book titles. Have googled tonight via my blackberry so msg is brief. I will communicate again soon. Trisha

  2. deadlyjelly said:

    Hi Trisha! Terrific to hear from you, hope you enjoyed your time in Ocean Bay. I’d love to hear from you and how you’re getting on with your own book! Drop me an email when you have a spare moment – there’s a link up there on the right.


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