The deadliest, jelliest site ever. Brought to you by Niamh Shaw

Not so FAQ

How often do you post?
Every Sunday and/or when I can be arsed.

Will my comment be deleted if I use foul language?
There is a high probability, unless you’re Irish in which case a special dispensation applies.

You use bad language; why can’t I?
Because I’m Irish (see above) and also because the power has gone to my head.

Will I be banned if I post an abusive comment?

Because people should be nice to each other.

Ah, come on. How about a second chance?

Ok. Will you be my friend?
Probably not, unless I accidentally fatally food-poison one of my pre-existing friends, or they discover my true nature. However, you may submit an application here stating:

a/ Your friendly credentials
b/ Your 12 month plan to bribe your way into my affections
c/ Any other special qualities you feel are relevant to the position

What breed of beast is Jed?
Jed aka The Jedster aka Puppydums aka Smoochy Pooch aka WHO DA DOG is a curly coat retriever

Comments on: "Not so FAQ" (8)

  1. Hi, could you please tell what breed of beast Jed is please,
    tanks very much.

  2. Are you Irish yourself?, for your name would suggest so.

  3. Please ignore my second stupid comment as i hadn’t read above properly, as I’m a dyslexic eejit

  4. Jeremy said:

    You may not know who I am, but I’ve heard about you……….but would you like a game of squash

  5. deadlyjelly said:

    HEY JEREMY! I have no idea who you are, but I think I would like you. Squash 5pm Wednesday? I’ll bring the spare balls.


  6. Anonymous said:

    Hey Niamh are you still orienteering ????

  7. Anonymous said:

    OOPS…..did’nt think I could leave a comment. Last time I saw you, you were manning/kidding a checkpoint on the Burren walk….REMEMBER ???????

    Former Chair/Sec/Treas THOMOND ORIENTEERS !!!!!! ;))

  8. deadlyjelly said:

    Is that . . . it’s not . . . Fiona Mc, is it? Terrific to hear from you – and well done figuring out how to leave comments 😛

    I’m not doing much orienteering these days, although I should check out the lie of the land aka ‘terrain’ here in South Island. I was looking forward to taking it up again when we settled in New Zealand, but given that there weren’t many events on and Andrew’s busiest workday being Sunday, we only got out twice:-

    How about you? How are you anyway? Drop me an email if you have a spare moment – there’s a link below the Archives and Categories on the right there x

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