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The dog’s blog

I should probably consider renaming Deadlyjelly to Dog’s Blog or even Deadlyjed.

You’d think our dog was the most exciting thing going on in our lives – and I suppose you wouldn’t be far off. Sometimes we sit picking at loose threads on the arm of our sofa and pray for an escaped convict to stumble in the door, or a corpse to turn up at the bottom of the garden. And then Jed turns up with a dead possum and, well, there’s your corpse and the afternoon’s entertainment.

The lesser-spotted fat-headed colossus and his bow wow wave.

 Anyway, this post is a response to Jeep’s complaint about the dearth of photos of aquatic adventures. So the next time I went swimming, I brought my Canon EOS 350D SLR camera.

How is it that just typing the previous sentence brings on an overwhelming sense of ominous foreboding and dread; yet actually DOING IT seemed like a terrific idea?

Hindsight has a lot to answer for.

But I sensed Husband wince as I waded into the sea with the Canon slung around my neck.

I did take the precaution of looping the strap around my neck – just in case. Also, I remembered to remove the lens cap before launching.

At waist-depth I readied the camera and called Jed. Unfortunately, I’d overlooked how to fend off a furiously paddling 40kg curly coat retriever coming hard at me at the rate of approximately 30 knots with only a moisture-sensitive electronic device and a strand of seaweed. 

I decided escape and evasion was the optimal manoeuvre. So I’m wading backwards, giving artistic direction to the dog and snapping away, when I stumbled over a rock.

At considerable danger to myself – or at least considerable discomfort – I managed to hold the camera aloft as I sank into the briny depths. You have to admit I’m courageous.

Also stupid, but let’s not dwell on that.

To get the full effect, you really have to imagine being on an eye-level with this coming at you. I don't know whether I'll ever be stupid enough to try and capture THAT on camera, but on current form there's a fair chance.


Jed discovers barking and swimming is not a great idea. We all learned something.

But he’s definitely a Canon

Reverend* Shaw, aka ‘Dad’: I went to church this morning.

Me: Really?

Dad: Yes. Eight o’clock service.

Me: Gosh, early start. You evidently take this whole religion thing pretty seriously.

Dad: Well, em. Yes.

*I’m not sure whether dad’s a Right Reverend, but he should be since he is often accurate especially when discoursing on fauna.

Strictly automatic

I got a Canon 450D for Christmas as partial settlement under the terms and conditions of the Gift Trade Agreement (GTA). Unfortunately it was too bulky to flash on the back of a motorbike, so Christmas Eve was the first chance to use it.

I have only a 55-200mm lens – which means a lot more to me now than it did when my Father-In-Law gave it to me. Since I have a keen interest in micro photography with a particular bias towards bugs, follicles and unusual carpet stains (especially those in the shape of a country or famous religious figures), initially I was dismissive of the long-range capability of my new lens.

After a while I discovered a distinct advantage is being able to hide in a corner and take close-ups of people without risk of sticking the lens to the subject’s tongue.

Despite reading the entire manual – including subnotes and index – on the three-hour ferry crossing, it took me a couple of days to move beyond zooming and focusing in a strictly automatic capacity. Following are some experiments from Christmas, most taken using auto and portrait ‘basic zone’ modes.

NB: Since my Outlaws’ decor induces stomach ulcers, most indoor shots are in black and white for the sake of your health

NB: My Mother In Law hates any images of her, including paintings, sculptures, sand sketches and/or tea leaf art. Certainly any time I pointed the camera at Margaret, her hair exploded. Because I cherish my relationship with my Mother In Law (and she has access to various toxins and untraceable poisons), I have included no photographs of her


Photo of Deadlyjelly by Husband



Husband shows his teeth



Stepfather In Law demonstrating a keen interest in seabass



Taffy leaves the present-guessing a bit late



Taff contemplates the beginning of a beautiful friendship



Craig spots another bottle of JD



Craig tries out a new look (he decided against it due to the logistical and hygiene aspects of false teeth)



I feel pretty and witty and GAY!
And I pity
Any girl who isn’t me today
I feel charming
Oh so charming
It’s alarming how charming I FEEL
And so pretty
That I hardly can believe I’m real . . .



Lisa, Sarah and Marie’s groin (partially hidden)



Morty and rubber duck/chicken mutant hybrid



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