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Perhaps we should mow the lawn

Here are the results of a toxic buildup of creative juices:-

Me in my stylie boots at the bottom of the garden

A New Zealand bush trail

Husband’s garden shed

The guesthouse

Hobbit alert

How to squirm under a tree

Our house in the middle of the bush


My gorgeous friend Chantal and me, on the cliffs near Garinish


 Magic day


Looking back out the Hag’s Glen

In the mountains

Although Husband looks deep in thought, he’s actually working up to laugh at one of my father’s jokes. This is my favourite photo of Andrew of all time

This isn’t

Andrew on Cumeen na Péiste

Still there


Kerry sheep

Top of Ireland

The Deans

Me, Dan and Philip after climbing Brandon. If you look closely, you can make out the cartoon cloud on the left


Dan from above




A drop of sun on Cumeen na Peiste

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