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Dispatches from the road, Part III

Me: You never laugh at my jokes.

Husband: That’s so untrue

Me: Ok, I’ll tell a joke and we’ll see. Are you ready?

Husband: Hit me

Me: Guy has a dog with no legs. It’s called ‘Cigarette’, because every night he takes it out for a drag

Husband: *snort!*

Me: See? You didn’t really laugh. You just snorted through your nose. Are you sure you got it?

Husband: Of course I got it!

Me: Well, why didn’t you laugh?

Husband: I did laugh! No, seriously: it’s hilarious

Me: I know. I was going to tell it to your family one evening, but I couldn’t remember the bit about the dog not having any legs-

Husband: You thought maybe it had no ears? Hahaha!

Me: See, that’s not funny! Making fun of a poor, deaf dog. No, I couldn’t recall that the dog was disabled-

Husband: In which case, taking him out for a drag doesn’t make much sense

Me: Yeah


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