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It was hilarious in my subconscious

Me: Last night, I dreamed I made up the funniest joke in the world. Everybody laughed. I became quite famous.

Husband: Really? Do you remember the joke?

Me: Of course. I spent weeks if not months working on it: honing it, breaking it down and reconstructing it to finely crafted perfection.

Brett: Well, are you going to tell us?

Me: Ok-

Husband: Wait! What if I laugh so hard I fall off my bike?

Me: Good point. You’d better pull over.

Me: Ok. <to Brett> So, For this to really work, you need a girlfriend.

Brett: <rolls his eyes>

Me: Never mind, just imagine you have a girlfriend, all right? Ok. Knock knock.

Brett: Who’s there?

Me: Your girlfriend! PAHAHAHAHAAA!

Brett: My girlfriend who-

Me: No, no. YOUR GIRLFRIEND! That’s the joke!

Brett: What?

Husband: What?!

Me: Your girlfriend! See? She’s the joke! I know it’s a bit mean – but then, cutting edge humour often is-

Brett: Oh. My god.

Me: Look, you probably need an unimaginary girlfriend for maximum effect.


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