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Photo journal of a holiday

26 September – me on a rock in the Black Valley

11 October – walk in Dromore, woodland path

Spot the spider

Entrance to Dromore Estate


22 October – high cross in Connemara, lightly weathered

23 October – River Finnaghy floods in Kenmare

24 October – walk in Dingle, from the Skellig Bay Hotel

In memory of Davy Browne

This day the weather was playful. View east from Dingle along the sea cliffs

Random cliff


Bringing to mind sweaty rock gods

Husband abandoned me for warmer climes yesterday. I would like to dedicate this post to him, supported by the Aerosmith song ‘I don’t want to miss a thing’. Since I can’t figure out how to musically accompany a blog post, you’ll have to use your imagination. Sorry if that brings to mind images of sweaty rock gods, or Bruce Willis blowing up asteroids.

Following are a selection of Husband’s finest moments over the last couple of weeks – or at least those I managed to capture on camera.

The town square in Kenmare

Mentally preparing for another pose during a walk in Dromore

Modelling the very latest in fashionable headwear, which no trendy man about town or beach should be without this season

Husband checks for the presence of ears (all present and correct)

Combatting rain in southwest Ireland

Demonstrating a keen interest in monolithic wedge tomb architecture, Connemara

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