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Urgent medical attention

Near the Westfield Shopping Centre, heading southwest along Henderson Valley Road, the Waitakeres rears up ahead. It’s a stunning view, but rather dispiriting from the vantage point of a bicycle. Far in the distance, at the very top of the Ranges, is the television arial which – if you’re me – is your destination.

Today’s cycle was a desperate mission of mercy to save Husband’s life: he had run out of Strepsils. He had also run out of bread and milk. This morning in the house, there was a distinct tension in the air competing with Husband’s exponentially increasing germs.

I was looking forward to the outing (apart from its urgent nature). It’s been ages since I’ve had some exercise and the day was glorious. Also, the cycle to Henderson is no hardship.

The cycle back, on the other hand . . .

Action shot of my evening shadow before it crash landed in the ditch. The photo at the top of the post is the Waitakere Ranges in afternoon sunlight, shot from #132


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