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In response to an urgent request from MarkJ for a photo of Jed:-

Jed pretending to watch the sun rise (he's actually asleep with his eyes open, a classic move that he has pretty much perfected)


Don’t say I’m not good to you.


090317 Porn star dog

So, you know how Jed recently blew away the competition to take the World’s Best Dog title? Well, here is your opportunity to own some of his genes. From the same breeder and parentage as The Esteemed Jedster:

Red curly coat retriever puppies

AREN’T THEY JUST THE CUTEST ITTY BITTY LITTLE FLUFFY THINGS YOU’VE EVER SEEN?! I’m working on Husband to get a playmate for Jed. I particularly like the little fella third from left, who reminds me of my late paternal grandmother – although I might have to find another angle to convince him

Photo story, in three parts


Part I


Part II


Part III

Moral: Talent and/or skill can occasionally be adequate substitues for confidence

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