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So that’s what early looks like

Early morning sun on the city

Yesterday morning was bright and clear, so I got up early and walked to the top of the hill. No singing; thought I’d spare you that. There were a number of trees down across the trail and I got attacked by a couple of aggressive bushes, so I got pretty wet.

There’s nothing like the first cup of coffee back at home. The smell of brewing coffee and that first caffeine hit – YUM! And the post-walk shower, when the outer extremities are still mildly chilled, is about five degrees more comforting than normal.

Not the worst way to start the day

Proof of sun

I wanted to post this earlier, but YouTube took an active dislike to my browser cache and refused to reflect thumbnails. Sorry about the detour into geekland there. Click here or on the link below to access the video.

How to distinguish sun from lightning

We woke to rain again this morning. When I say ‘rain’, it fails to convey the force of nature that it is here. It patters on the leaves, it dreeps from the gutters, the wind hurls it against the windows in pellet form, and the trees release water bombs that explode on the balcony.

It was around 11:30 when – “Hey!” I said. “Sun’s out!”

“That’s not sun, it’s lightning,” said Husband.

“Let’s do something. We’ve had no exercise for over a week.”

(Australian food still prowls my digestive tract on a round trip to my hips.)

“We could walk up to Scenic Drive,” suggested Husband.

“Ah now come on, that’s barely beyond the postbox. Wouldn’t raise a pant, never mind a sweat. Let’s go to the top of the hill.”


“For the view.”

“But it’s raining!”

“Be hardy.”

We set off fully equipped for the weather. In other words, I had a waterproof jacket and Husband an umbrella.

The creek by the drive is in full flow. A stream has taken out the corner of the road by the neighbour’s drive. About half a kilometre from the house, the rain picked up again.

We got wet.

Note the shrinking hips, cause: exercise or damp (undetermined)

Mr Poppins

Kauri leaves, illuminated by sunshine. Or it could be lightning

The Deans

Me, Dan and Philip after climbing Brandon. If you look closely, you can make out the cartoon cloud on the left


Dan from above




A drop of sun on Cumeen na Peiste

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