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Qualified author

I have just been offered a publishing contract! Yippee! Apologies in advance for the number of exclamation points in this post – I’m not proud of it! Little Black Dress Books have offered me a one, two or three book publishing deal!

This afternoon, Husband and I went into Borders at Sylvia Park to check out Little Black Dress publications in the romance section. Husband demonstrated an uncanny ability for opening books at the paragraphs detailing hot shafts and throbbing rods. He did a rather unheroically unmanly amount of giggling.

When I thought about Smart/Casual fighting for space on these shelves I got quite squeaky and overexcited. With any luck the cover won’t feature martini glasses, fluffy mules, poodles in raincoats or female apparel.


Rambo XIV

This evening, Husband and I  went to see ‘Rambo: Splattering Viscera’. We had an excuse. Er . . . yes, we called around to see The Outlaws but they weren’t there. With a couple of hours to viciously dismember with bloody relish, we decided to go to the movies, and it was the only 17:40 showing at Sylvia Park.

Terrific movie, it has a bit of everything: torrents of intestines, vaporised brains, exploding limbs, catapulting heads. In one scene, Johnny rips out a man’s throat with his bare hands (I’m not sure why he didn’t just break the villain’s neck; he expended a lot of energy trying to gain purchase on the vocal chords with his stubby fingers).

One of the most remarkable aspects of the movie is how Stallone can talk with his lip curled over his nose.

Memorable movie quote:-

John Rambo: “Live for somethin’, or die for nothin’. <snarl>”

No, wait. That should be:

“Live for nothin’,  or die for somethin’. <snarl>”

Never mind. Sylvester had difficulty with it too

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