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Errant kissing

A man has received a three-month jail sentence for kissing a woman by mistake.

Note: In the Middle East, you should always take a moment to correctly identify your kissee before puckering up.
The 54-year-old woman can’t have too many lads queuing up for a snog, but rather than reveling in her new found pulling power she reported the 49-year-old Lebanese man (identified as NY) to the police.
NY told the Dubai Court of First Instance: “I met her near the elevator and a conversation happened, and I kissed her by mistake.”
At least he didn’t shag her by mistake, in which case she might have been seriously traumatised

Shaving behind the ears

The Sunday Times reports that when some men get face lifts, they have to SHAVE BEHIND THEIR EARS

The News: Elmo plots to take out Israel

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